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8:30 am-5:30 pm

*IMPORTANT-To help us serve you better and in a timely matter, please include all information when sending a file. This will help us to process your order without delay.

Thanks to the convenience of our online file transfer module, there's no need to make special trips to our store just to deliver a disk. You can easily send a file from your computer to ours in a matter of minutes.

Just enter your information in the spaces below, click submit, and we'll send you an e-mail to confirm that we've received it. It's that easy.

*Note* We will need all supporting graphics and fonts.

See Hot off the Press on our Homepage for instructions on saving your files.

Click on the "Browse" button below to select a file on your computer. After you've selected the file, click the "Send File" to transfer your file to us.

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*Job completion is estimated by 5:00pm of the project's due date, unless otherwise specified*
(Please fill out the required Paper Thickness needed for your Order. If needed, you can add any specific details in the 'Additional Details' Column)
Please remember, the more information you include when sending a file, the more likely we are to complete your request in a timely manner! Please provide information about the file you are sending. Include what application you used to create the file.
Did I include all availible information that could help process my order?
*failure to include adequate information may delay the process of your order*